Nomadic territories

June 2021 – October 2022
Curators: Joana Braga, Margarida Brito Alves e Margarida Medeiros

News from our portuguese pilot. As part of the T-Factor project, Nomadic Territories is a cycle of walks that aims to contribute to the understanding of Trafaria through a direct involvement with the place and its various communities.

In this sense, and based on routes that will be defined by invited participants, Trafaria will be crossed by based on different perspectives and approached not only as a territory with specific geographic and physical features, but also as a place that embodies stories and memories, and also as a political and social space.

#2 Journey to the In-Between – Center & Periphery

Speculative walk from Belém to Trafaria
Artéria, Flora Paim and Jessica Lundin
SUNDAY, October 10, 10:30 a.m.

Meeting point: Belém River Terminal, 10h30, boat departure at 11a.m.
Ending point: Bateria da Raposeira (Trafaria)
Approximate duration: 3h (3 km)
Max. of participants: 25
Age groups: youth and adults

Bring headphones and sound reproduction device, for example mobile phone.
It is suggested to bring a hat and comfortable shoes, water, sunscreen and a small snack for the picnic.
The use of a mask is recommended and all COVID-19 safety and protection standards will be complied with.

The geographical notions of centre and periphery are used to describe cultural, economic and political dependencies between places; those in command and those that are subjugated. The central vision describes a focused view that isolates what is seen and reflects reality in a sequence of external images, while the peripheral view, which is blurred and fragmentary, situates the body and enfolds it in the context. From a centralized point of view, the periphery corresponds to non-specific places, without history but full of desirable resources needed for the development of the center, and consequently for maintaining dominance. How can we recognize the narratives that are obscured by the centralized view? What other symbolic relations can be created if we invert the map of Lisbon?

On a journey from Belém to Trafaria, we seek to outline the intricate relationships historically produced between North and South, crossing different temporalities and narratives, alternating between fiction and reality. With the help from our body and our senses, we trace signs that translate or destabilize the spatial expressions of a play of forces.

Journeys to the In-Between consisted of a series of walks and talks carried out by Artéria, through the so-called “Greater Lisbon”, as part of maat mode 2020 program, with the support of the Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology (maat) and EDP Foundation. The first walk of the series, Journey to the In-Between 01 – Center & Periphery, has been adapted for presentation in the cycle of walks Territórios Nómadas.

Artéria is an independent architecture studio founded in 2011 which conceives, develops and disseminates urban rehabilitation projects within a transdisciplinary framework, using action-research methodologies to implement singular urban interventions. Artéria works with the environmental, social and artistic dimensions of architecture through the direct involvement with communities in the production of their own intervention programs, establishing partnerships with local associations and public entities. Artéria develops research and curatorial proposals in the intersection between architecture and other disciplines, in collaboration with artists and scientists.

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