A detailed report on exploration activities run by the T-Factor pilots

This document reports on the Exploring and Inquiring stage of the T-Factor Pilots: a programme of action research focused on the participatory planning and implementation of meanwhile uses in the context of six urban regeneration projects across  Europe. This report describes the activities developed within this stage of the project and the findings surfaced, enriching the understanding of the Pilots’ context and the opportunities that exist for intervention through meanwhile missions.

The Exploring and Inquiring stage is the first step of the T-Factor approach. The intention of this stage is to support Local Coalitions’ responsible for driving the T Factor approach in each of the six Pilots (Amsterdam, Bilbao, Kaunas, Lisbon, London and Milan) to: 

● Engage with the actors and themes already identified and mapped by each of T-Factor pilot within their regeneration area, in order to expand and enrich the understanding of the Pilots’ context and the opportunities and needs that exist.

● Develop and implement a range of activities and to explore the constellation of meanings, perceptions and values that different actors attribute to the regeneration area. 

● Systematize findings that provide inputs for meanwhile missions that respond to the priorities of local actors.

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